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"Key to our selection of Skyya Communications was their team's impressive credentials in the social media arena, along with Skyya's reputation for delivering award-winning media relations for technology innovators."
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ASP Technology, Ltd.            

Driving Awareness in the Global Automotive Market

The Challenge:

Skyya began working with ASP Technology, Ltd., a start-up headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark, in November 2010.  The company had just released its first product, the Anti Sleep Pilot™, a portable in-car safety device that scientifically measures a driver’s fatigue level to help prevent against drowsy driving related accidents, and based on the initial local market success, the company was ready to introduce ASP to the U.S. market at the Consumer Electronics Show 2011.

The Skyya Approach:

To overcome the limitations of a startup budget, Skyya focused on a single core strategy centered on aggressive media relations to drive awareness, interest and lead generation for ASP’s U.S. market entrance, while positioning the company as a clear leader in the emerging market for technology solutions to the epidemic problem of drowsy driving.

Skyya began the engagement with a positioning and messaging workshop, and started immediately on an aggressive media relations program that leveraged existing media relationships for immediate briefings, editorial calendar pitching, and proactive pitching to ensure that media were educated about the market and the company in advance of CES 2011.

The Results:

The Skyya team generated an unprecedented stream of high-quality press coverage leading up to the show (and in the 3 months following), resulting in hundreds of product briefs, feature stories, round-ups, and standalone reviews with the top print, broadcast and online CE press venues in the U.S. and Canada, as well as other markets including Australia and the United Kingdom. Key results included:

  • More than 100 unique feature stories and product reviews in key publications, blogs, and broadcast media, including; The Wall Street Journal, Tiime Magazine, Bloomberg BusinessWeek, VentureBeat, Investor’s Business Daily, Canada.com., NY1, Engadget, AutoWeek, TheStreet.com, MSN,  The New York Times, ABC, TWICE, FOX News, TechCrunch, DVICE, Men’s Health, Unplugged, CNET, Gizmodo, GigaOM, the TODAY Show, CBS, GPS Business News, FOX News, LA Times, CE Outlook, Autoevolution, Oh Gizmo!, Trendhunter, T3, and Ubergizmo.

  • Three short months after their launch at CES 2011, a search on the company name returned 324k hits in Google (vs. 384k for the term “drowsy driving”). Given that drowsy driving has been around since the invention of the automobile, that’s pretty amazing.

  • The worldwide reach of the campaign resulting in ASP Technology “selling out” of its initial inventory production run.

  • The company was deluged by calls from distributors, retailers and OEM partners from around the world.
  • Virginia Tech Transportation Institute (VTTI) is currently testing the ASP for a segment on 20/20.

Virtually every one of the top CE outlets in the world has covered this company since Skyya got behind their brand.  And Skyya continues to increase the depth of coverage for ASP with feature stories, product round-ups and standalone reviews.

The Update:

Skyya’s PR Program has continued to gain worldwide awareness and sales momentum for the Company. Below are some metrics ASP has come to rely on:

  • Business case proven with first two product batches completely sold out
  • Estimated more than 2,500 newspaper, magazine, radio spots and television spots from leading media world wide (literally worldwide)
  • 600,000 unique hits on a Google search on “anti sleep pilot”
  • 500 business requests from distributors and strategic partners including leading OEM, Tier1 suppliers, and Navigation companies, etc.

For more information please visit www.antisleeppilot.com.