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Case Study: Award-Winning Batmobile






The company called on Skyya to launch a new on-road vehicle brand – the Polaris Slingshot – a three-wheeled roadster that delivers a driving experience like no other.



  • Generate unprecedented, unpaid impressions in the first 90 days (Aug-Oct) after launch with emphasis on outlets targeting our primary buyer demographic.
  • Position Slingshot in the minds of consumers as a real, credible, affordable and exciting alternative to motorcycles, competing 3-wheelers and sports cars.
  • Drive consumers to place pre-order deposits on 200 or more Slingshots from late July through mid-October given the lag time between launch and product availability.



  • 2,077,724,021 billion unpaid impressions.
  • 306 total stories (279 digital, 14 broadcast segments and 13 print articles) in 2014.
  • Achieved 429% goal attainment for total impressions from launch-December 2014.
  • 209 stories and over a billion impressions in the first 30 days following launch - 320% of our goal.
  • 246 stories and 1.7 billion impressions in the first 90 days following launch - 400% of our goal.
  • Achieved 950% of our Slingshot pre-order objective.


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Skyya won the following awards for launching the mind-blowing, 3-wheel roadster:
  • 2015 Big Apple Award: Marketing Consumer Products – Non-Packaged Goods.
  • MN PRSA 37th Annual Classics Awards: Finalists for Marketing Products – New Product.


For more information please visit www.polarisslingshot.com.