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Motorcycle News Roundup – Week of 12/30/2018

December 30, 2019


Arcimoto Snags $4.5 Million Investment For Electric Trike Production

December 30, 2019


Arcimoto Gets $4.5 Million In Funding For Electric Trike

December 30, 2018


Arcimoto Gets $4.5M More In Funding For Electric "Fun Utility Vehicle"

December 28, 2018


Apple Laptops Benefit From the Thunderbolt 3 Dock's 14 Ports

December 28, 2018


Arcimoto Gets $4.5 Million In Funding
December 28, 2018


Eugene EV maker Arcimoto (Nasdaq: FUV) raises $4.5M

December 27, 2018


2018: GM Shrugged

December 27, 2018

  The best new tech products for designers in 2019
December 26, 2019

Need More Storage for Your Laptop? The Drive Dock USB-C Dual Drive Bay Is the Answer

December 26, 2018


City Driving Is Silly Fun in Arcimoto's Electric 3-Wheeler

December 21, 2018


Gifts For Gearheads

December 20, 2018


The Cleverest Items of 2018 to Simplify Your Life
December 13, 2018

  HumanEyes Rolls Out Digital camera That Shoots In 360 Levels & VR180
December 12, 2018
  Machine learning for safety-critical functions? Kalray says yes
December 12, 2018
  OWC USB-C Dual Drive Dock
December 11, 2018
  OWC Thunderbolt 3 Dock 14-Port Review
December 11, 2018
  HumanEyes Rolls Out Camera That Shoots In 360 Degrees & VR180
December 11, 2018
  OWC Releases USB-C Dual Drive Dock for Mac and PC
December 10, 2018
  OWC Launches Drive Dock with USB Type-C: Two SATA Drives, Up to 981 MB/s
December 10, 2018
  Vuze XR 360 and 3D Camera Preview
December 10, 2018
  OWC Thunderbolt 3 14-Port Dock
December 8, 2018
  Ring the Bell! Photography Gift Guide For The Holiday Season – The H Hub
December 7, 2018
  iPad Diaries: The Many Setups of the 2018 iPad Pro
December 6, 2018
  HumanEyes Technologies Begins Shipping 5.7K Vuze XR Dual Camera
December 5, 2018
  Gift Idea: Starter Kit for the Non-Toxic Newbie
December 5, 2018
  New OWC Dual Drive Dock with USB-C 10Gbps
December 5, 2018
  Why Arcimoto's CEO just plowed more than $400K into his company
December 3, 2018
  2018 Holiday Gift Guide for Apple Fans
November 28, 2018
  23 Christmas Gift Your Boyfriend Would Love 2018
November 28, 2018
  We Have Luv For The Arcimoto FUV Three-Wheel Electric
November 26, 2018
  The OWC USB-C Travel Dock Is Ready for Your Next Trip
November 24, 2018
  How to effectively get rid of fruit flies
November 19, 2018
  Add 14 ports to your Mac or PC with the OWC Thunderbolt 3 dock
November 15, 2018

Simple 3 Step Gnat Trap
November 15, 2018

  Fun utility vehicle: 3-wheel all-electric vehicle new form of transportation
November 9, 2018
  Startup Arcimoto Thinks Its $12,000 Three-Wheeled EV Will Help Accelerate the Electric Revolution
November 8, 2018
  E-bike maker sees space for bare-bones electric car in congested cities
November 7, 2018
  HumanEyes Technologies Opens Preorders for the Vuze XR Dual Camera
November 6, 2018
  Partners Plan Electric Vehicle ‘Hub’ Downtown
November 2, 2018
  Arcimoto To Launch FUV Hub Rental Location In San Diego
November 2, 2018
  The Road To Autonomous Truck Viability Begins To Clear
November 1, 2018
  Test-driving Arcimoto's 'FUV': Can this all-electric 3-wheeler replace your car?
November 1, 2018

HumanEyes Technologies’ Vuze XR Camera To Begin Shipping in November
October 31, 2018


New York Attorney General has concerns about T-Mobile-Sprint merger’s effect on prepaid market
October 31, 2018

  5.7K 360 Vuze XR Dual VR camera is available for pre-order
October 30, 2018
  Self-Driving Cars Still Can't Handle Snow, Rain, or Heavy Weather
October 30, 2018
  Arcimoto (Nasdaq: FUV) to open showroom, rental outlet in San Diego
October 30, 2018
  All You Need To Know About 50 On Fire Winners in Hardware
October 29, 2018
  These Companies Think the Next Big Thing Is Very Tiny Cars
October 30, 2018
  Ground-penetrating radar lets self-driving cars 'see' below the road
October 30, 2018
  Arcimoto showroom, rental center opening in Eugene's Whiteaker district
October 26, 2018
  Arcimoto To Open First Rental Center For Three-Wheel EV
October 25, 2018
  Intelligent manycore processors for data centers and embedded systems
October 25, 2018
  Arcimoto is opening its first rental center for its three-wheeled EV
October 23, 2018
  Saturday Night Bikes
October 19, 2018

Meet The All Electric Arcimoto FUV
October 17, 2018

  Arcimoto SRK FUV Electric Trike: What's This 80 MPH Fun Utility Vehicle All About?
October 11, 2018
  5 Ways to Make Your Halloween Pumpkins Last Longer
October 10, 2018
  Arcimoto gets ready for retail production of its all-electric Fun Utility Vehicle
October 9, 2018
  Arcimoto increases production of three-wheeled electric Fun Utility Vehicle
October 7, 2018
  Best places in Kansas City for pumpkin patches, corn mazes, and apple cider
October 6, 2018
  Arcimoto Kicks Off Production Of Pilot Run Of Electric FUV
October 6, 2018
  A peek inside Portland's office break rooms (photos)
October 4, 2018
  Essentials for Washing Floors - Clean Mama
October 4, 2018
  Arcimoto Ends Beta "Fun Utility Vehicle" Release With Celebrations In New York City
October 3, 2018
  We Caught 47 Fruit Flies With This Inexpensive, Natural Product
October 3, 2018
  Eugene's Arcimoto (Nasdaq: FUV) has the EV production 'starting line' in sight
October 2, 2018
  This Funky Two-Seater Is the Arcimoto FUV, and It May Change the World
October 2, 2018
  Arcimoto Releases Beta FUVs for Rental Use
October 1, 2018
  Motorcycle Makers Shake Up Designs to Draw New Riders
October 1, 2018

Progress Report: Arcimoto Keeps Plugging Away At Electric Vehicle With Three Wheels
September 28, 2018

  Baystate Business: GE, 3D, LGBT (Radio)
September 27, 2018
  Our World
September 27, 2018
  The Nuviz Motorcycle Head-Up Display Is the First of Its Kind
September 26, 2018
  Xconomy: WaveSense Uses Ground-Penetrating Radar to Help Driverless Cars See
September 25, 2018
  BostInno's 2018 50 On Fire
September 24, 2018
  T-Mobile revamps prepaid brand to spruce up image
September 24, 2018
  T-Mobile's MetroPCS changes name and adds unlimited lure: Amazon Prime and Google One
September 24, 2018
  Nightly Business Report – September 18, 2018
September 18, 2018
  Natural Cleaning Products That Are Safe For The Environment
September 18, 2018
  Polaris CEO on state of the consumer
September 18, 2018
  President Trump's goals are perfectly aligned with US manufacturers', says Polaris CEO
September 18, 2018
  Self-Driving Cars Still Can't Handle Bad Weather
September 17, 2018
  At Jerry Brown's climate summit, one deadline will overshadow all the others
September 13, 2018

T-Mobile says Sprint merger won’t mean end of MetroPCS, Boost Mobile, or Virgin Mobile
September 6, 2018

  Term Sheet -- Thursday, September 6
September 6, 2018
  WaveSense raises $3 million for ground-penetrating radars that help autonomous cars navigate roads
September 6, 2018
  WaveSense Closes $3M Seed Funding Round
September 6, 2018
  T-Mobile execs: All prepaid brands will stay after Sprint merger
September 5, 2018
  Funding Update: 25 Boston Startups Raised $420M In August
September 5, 2018

Analysts say that regulatory approval for the T-Mobile-Sprint deal is now more likely
August 31, 2018

  News of Note—Apple’s event; California’s net neutrality; AT&T targeting cellphone traffickers
August 31, 2018
  Self-driving cars need ground penetrating radar, says WaveSense
August 31, 2018
  The odds that Sprint and T-Mobile will merge are improving, say analysts
August 30, 2018
  Boost Mobile head urges ACCC to reject TPG-Vodafone merger
August 30, 2018
  Which Sprint subsidiaries will survive a merger with T-Mobile
August 29, 2018
  Few Rivals Speak Out Against Sprint, T-Mobile Merger
August 28, 2018
  This Week in the Future of Cars: Make it Work!
August 26, 2018
  The EV Oasis Brings Together EV Charging, A Rest Area, & Coffee For Southern California Drivers
August 25, 2018
  These Are The Best Natural All-Purpose Cleaners At Whole Foods Market
August 24, 2018
  Week in Review: IoT, Security, Auto
August 24, 2018
  This tech could allow self-driving cars to see the road during snowstorms
August 23, 2018

Exclusive Interview with Mat Franken of Aunt Fannie's
August 23, 2018

  Wavesense ground-penetrating radar aids navigation with road data
August 22, 2018
  This War-Proven Radar Tech Lets Self-Driving Cars See the Road When You Can't
August 22, 2018
  WaveSense GPR Technology Scans the Road Beneath the Vehicle
August 22, 2018
  22 Flash Storage Products Heating Up The Data Center Market
August 22, 2018
  Xconomy: Boston Tech Watch: Actifio, DraftKings, WaveSense, BabelBark & More
August 22, 2018
  How self-driving cars could use mine-detecting tech to see the road
August 21, 2018

Healthier Housekeeping, Healthier Everybody with Aunt Fannie's
August 21, 2018

  AI for Chip Design Verification
August 20, 2018
  WaveSense adapts ground-penetrating radar tech for self-driving cars
August 20, 2018
  More Flash Memory News
August 20, 2018
  If You Don't Watch This Arcimoto Q2 Video, You'll Regret It
August 20, 2018
  WaveSense’s ground-penetrating radars could make self-driving cars safer
August 20, 2018
  24 Simple Ideas on How to Change Your Habits and Get More Done Today
August 20, 2018

Self-Driving Cars Should Look Down, Not Just Ahead
August 20, 2018

  This War-Proven Radar Tech Lets Self-Driving Cars See the Road When You Can't
August 20, 2018
  Startup wants to help self-driving cars peer into the earth
August 20, 2018
  Not your father's Harley: How the motorcycle industry is attracting new riders
August 17, 2018

Arcimoto Inc. (Nasdaq: FUV) preorders rise as Eugene EV maker gears up for retail production
August 14, 2018

  Best Wireless Indoor Home Security Cameras of 2018, Tested & Ranked
August 7, 2018
  T-Mobile US cuts prices as it tries to convince regulators Sprint deal won't hurt poor customers
August 6, 2018
  The Best Motorcycle Helmet Upgrades to Improve Life on Two Wheels
July 31, 2018

T-Mobile, Sprint Investors Seek Deal Update With Opposition Muted
July 31, 2018

  Analysts Cautiously Optimistic About T-Mo/Sprint Merger Chances
July 31, 2018
  Boost Exec Says T-Mobile Merger Will be Bad for Competition
June 29, 2018
  Do You Know These 5 Secrets to Non-Toxic Wood Floor Care?
July 27, 2018
  40+ Eco-Friendly Natural Cleaning Products to Try Today
July 26, 2018
  What Beauty Products Should You Bring Camping?
July 2018
  Boost Mobile founder proposes low-cost Internet service to counter Sprint merger
July 24, 2018
  FCC Now Ready to Listen to Your Thoughts on the T-Mobile-Sprint Proposed Merger
July 20, 2018
  Boost Founder Vows To Save Prepaid From T-Mobile/Sprint Merger
July 20, 2018
  Boost Mobile founder wants to build a $10-a-month home broadband service from Sprint’s ashes
July 17, 2018
  This one product saved my skin from mosquitos
July 12, 2018

Aunt Fannie's Cleaning Vinegar Wipes
July 12, 2018

  Arcimoto raised $19 million to build “fun utility vehicles”—now what?
July 11, 2018
  Arcimoto ramps up production at Eugene factory
July 3, 2018
  100 Amazing Things That Are Made in the USA
July 2, 2018
  Made in the USA: Amazing Products
July 2, 2018
  Arcimoto's "Fun Utility Vehicle" Goes On A Wild Adventure From Oregon To Washington
July 1, 2018
  Arcimoto Celebrates 1st Year After IPO With Tour Of The Electric Fun Utility Vehicle Factory
June 30, 2018
  Developers step forward with visions for redesigned EWEB steam plant in Eugene
June 28, 2018
  Boost Mobile founder explains exactly why the T-Mobile-Sprint merger rationale is full of crap
June 27, 2018
  Would the proposed Sprint/T-Mobile lead to higher prices for consumers?
June 27, 2018
  Boost Mobile’s Founder Argues Against T-Mobile/Sprint Merger
June 26, 2018
  NTIA reauthorization on deck
June 26, 2018
  This Chemical-Free Cleaning Vinegar Is A Must-Have For Your Home
June 25, 2018
  Former Boost Mobile CEO concerned for prepaid wireless
June 22, 2018
  Every Kind of Bike Is Going Electric
June 22, 2018
  Exclusive: Why Arcimoto's (Nasdaq: FUV) CEO is optimistic despite bumps following IPO

June 21, 2018

Homegrown: Aunt Fannie’s mosquito repellant
June 19, 2018

  21 quick and safe DIY cleaning hacks
June 19, 2018
  12 Supersafe Bug Sprays For Kids (Including 1 You Can Make Yourself!)
June 18, 2018
  Best Natural and Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products
June 15, 2018
  Arcimoto Gets Amped, Delivers On Signature Series Promise
June 14, 2018
  T-Mobile/Sprint merger would be 'catastrophic,' says Boost Mobile founder
June 12, 2018
  Boost founder: T-Mobile-Sprint merger would kill prepaid wireless market
June 12, 2018
  Arcimoto: Local electric car manufacturer kicks off volume production
June 9, 2018
  Exclusive: U.S. Justice Department probes T-Mobile-Sprint merger effect on smaller wireless companies – sources
June 7, 2018
  The effect of the Sprint + T-Mobile merger on MVNOs will soon be discovered
June 7, 2018
  Justice Department probes T-Mobile-Sprint merger’s effect on smaller wireless companies
June 7, 2018
  Justice Department reaching out to MVNOs amid proposed T-Mobile/Sprint combination
June 7, 2018
  The best ant traps, killers, and repellents you can buy
June 4, 2018

Leading the Charge
June 4, 2018

  Ideal Number Of US Carriers Doesn't Exist: Antitrust Chief
June 1, 2018
  Opposition to Sprint/T-Mobile merger rallies around ‘#All4Price’
May 31, 2018
  NWIDA President: T-Mo/Sprint Merger To Cause 'Devastation'
May 31, 2018
  Polaris Industries CEO calls new acquisition Boat Holdings 'a great business'
May 31, 2018
  The New Polaris Toy: a $250,000 Pontoon Boat
May 30, 2018

  Polaris Industries -- maker of snowmobiles, ATVs and motorcycles -- agreed to buy America's largest pontoon boat company for $805 million to round out its product lineup.

May 30, 2018
  Senate sets hearing date on Sprint/T-Mobile merger

May 24, 2018


Boost Warns T-Mobile & Sprint Merger Will Hurt Prepaid
May 24, 2018

  Boost Mobile founder wants prepaid brand divested if T-Mobile and Sprint merge
May 23, 2018
  Boost Founder Wants to See Boost/MetroPCS Divested If Sprint/T-Mobile Merger Goes Through
May 22, 2018
  NUVIZ review: a heads-up display that smartens your helmet
March 21, 2018

Former Boost Mobile USA CEO Has Some Concerns about the T-Mobile-Sprint Merger

May 21, 2018


Boost founder angles for divestitures from Sprint/T-Mobile merger
May 21, 2018

  Boost Mobile Founder Wants T-Mobile, Sprint to Divest Prepaids 

May 21, 2018

Boost Mobile founder is against the T-Mobile-Sprint merger: Here's why.
May 21, 2018

  T-Mobile-Sprint merger could limit competition, says Boost Mobile founder. Here’s how

May 21, 2018
  6 Clever Items to Simplify Your Life
May 18, 2018
  The Skully Fenix AR Helmet wants to redefine safety for motorcyclists

May 18, 2018
  The best mosquito products you can buy
May 16, 2018

The Definitive Guide to Getting Out Period Stains
May 13, 2018


Meet The Start-up That's Trailblazing The New Clean & Healthy Home
May 11, 2018


It's Time to Spring Clean Your Gym Bag
May 10, 2018


7 Genius Ways to Kill Fruit Flies
May 7, 2018


The best glass cleaners you can buy
May 7, 2018


11 Natural Cleaning Products That Basically Have A Cult Following
May 3, 2018

  Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch Season 2 Ep. 2: The Power Is in the Percentage
May 2, 2018
  Autonomous cars won’t solve traffic, but the Eli Zero could
May 1, 2018
  The 20 Most Innovative IoT Companies to Watch 2018
April 2018
  Cubic Telecom: An Industry Leader with Futuristic Connectivity Solutions
April 30, 2018
  Emerging Gear: Outdoor Products This Week
April 29, 2018
  NUVIZ Motorcycle HUD 
April 27, 2018
  This All-Electric Personal Vehicle Might Be the Future Of Urban Transportation
April 23, 2018
  Zoom Zoom! It’s the iPad of Cars
April 20, 2018
  Think Again Before Cleaning Your House with These Harmful Products
April 19, 2018
  Season Two of 'Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch' Is on a Whole New Level
April 18, 2018

These Are the Cleaning Products You Should Avoid for Your Health—and What to Use Instead
April 17, 2018


How NUVIZ Brings 21st-Century Car Infotainment Technology to Motorcyclists
April 13, 2018

  6 Ways to Get Your #FridgeGoals in Order
April 12, 2018
  29 Of The Best Cleaning Products You Can Get On Amazon
April 5, 2018

How These Young Founders Got Industry Leaders to Give Them Time--and Money
March/April 2018 Issue

  How your home security camera detects motion
April 3, 2018
  The Eli Zero Takes a Unique Approach To Electric Mobility
April 2, 2018
  Meet the World's First FUV (Fun Utility Vehicle)
March 30, 2018
  Neighborhood Electric Vehicles: A Different Kind of Electric Car
March 27, 2018
  Naughty Noah’s Instant Pho Noodle Soups
March 26, 2018

7 mbg-Approved Nontoxic Home Cleaners To Use On Everything
March 25, 2018

  The Best Security Camera for Most People
March 22, 2018
  Eli is betting you’ll want to cruise the hood in this two-seater ‘NEV’
March 21, 2018
  First look: What Arcimoto's Oregon plant looks like (Video)
March 21, 2018
  You'll Never Believe What Plant These Popular Brands Are Putting In Their Products
March 20, 2018
  These 6 Eco-Friendly Cleaners Are Our Go-To For Making Your Home Sparkle
March 20, 2018
  Naughty Noah's Pho Noodle Soup
March 19, 2018
  Naughty Noah’s Announces New Instant Vietnamese Pho Noodle Soup Flavors
March 16, 2018
  Eli Zero EV charges from any outlet in 6 hours and tops out at 25 mph
March 15, 2018

Eli Zero is the new NEV on the block
March 14, 2018

  The loan program that buoyed Tesla, stalled out, and landed on Trump’s cut list
March 14, 2018
  These home security cameras cost $100 or less
March 12, 2018
  9 Home Products That Will Seriously Upgrade Your Space
March 9, 2018
  Polaris CEO talks trade wars, employee bonuses and winning over adversity
March 8, 2018
  CEO of top snowmobile maker: Innovation sells—we're spending $260 million on it this year
March 7, 2018
  Inspired by mom: Naughty Noah eyes ramen category disruption with Vietnamese Pho noodle soups
March 7, 2018
  Polaris Thinks the People Want a $28,000 Dune Buggy
March 6, 2018
  A greener way to spring clean
March 5, 2018
  Automakers still figuring out if 5G is worth it
March 3, 2018
  From Bulldozers to Beer, Tariffs Could Ripple Through U.S. Economy
March 1, 2018
  Courting the Old Guard 
March/April 2018

  The 100 Healthiest Foods In Stores
March 2018
  34 Products That'll Help You Get A Jump Start On Spring Cleaning
February 28, 2018
  Term Sheet
February 28, 2018
  How Does It Feel Casually Putting 140 Miles In Two Weeks On An Electric Bicycle?
February 28, 2018
  Business Movers: Mason Terry named to lead the Oregon Renewable Energy Center
February 21, 2018
  6 Cleaning Products That Are Safe to Use Throughout the House
February 21, 2018
  Aunt Fannie's hires former top Salt & Straw exec as top marketer
February 7, 2018
  Governor Brown dedicates $300 million for hands-on tech programs in Oregon schools
February 6, 2018


  Booming tech industry in Eugene looking for more qualified local employees
February 6, 2018
  Marcel Rogalla, Founder & CEO and Dan Rineck, CFO, Nuviz
February 6, 2018
  Portland's Aunt Fannie's hitting Target with microbiome-friendly housekeeping products
February 5, 2018
  The Electric Godzilla: Fat Tire Rad Rover Test Ride
February 5, 2018
  Non-Toxic Pest Control? Aunt Fannie's Founder Sees Big Market In Consumers Who Are Sick Of Chemicals
February 4, 2018
  Inside CES: Trends and product highlights from the January 2018 tech show in Las Vegas
January 30, 2018
  The Best Car Tech @ CES 2018 – Part 1
January 29, 2018
  Executives of the Year 2017: Mark Frohnmayer, Arcimoto 
January 25, 2018
  PBJ Executives of the Year 2017: Our full coverage
January 25, 2018
  Guardzilla 360's fisheye lens can see all around your house
January 25, 2018
  New Vehicles Tackle Challenges of Urban E-Commerce
January 23, 2018

Taking Arcimoto’s three-wheeled EV for a spin
January 13, 2018

  CES 2018: 4 Futuristic Motorcycle Reveals (Watch Video)
January 13, 2018

From televisions to smart-tinting glass, this is the Best of CES 2018
January 13, 2018

  CES 2018: Digital Experience
January 13, 2018
  This $12,000 'Fun Utility Vehicle' will make all your friends jealous
January 12, 2018
  How to make gadgets great again
January 11, 2018

To Cloud Or Not To Cloud
January 11, 2018

  CES 2018: Popular Mechanics Editors' Choice Awards
January 10, 2018
  4 innovative products that impressed the CES 2018 awards judges
January 9, 2018
  Tech photos from CES 2018
January 9, 2018

CES 2018: 20 most innovative gadgets at show
January 8, 2018

  CES 2018: The newest tech innovations from CES Unveiled
January 7, 2018
  Guardzilla 360 review
January 6, 2018

CES: What to watch for at the huge technology show starting next week
January 2, 2018